Prefix: p! or @PenguBot#9722 | Usage: [prefix][command]

Example: p!help | Format: Command Name: Description

For Extended Help: p!help all | For Specific Command Help: p!help CommandName

Core Commands

help: Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command.

prefix: Shows or sets the command prefix.

ping: Checks the bot's ping to the Discord server.

info: Get information about the bot.

enable: Enables a command or command group.

disable: Disables a command or command group.

invite: Gives a URL to invite Pengu to your server or you to his server.

patreon: Want to keep this bot alive? Become a patron today and get rewarded.

shards: View Shard details.

stats: Get statistics about Pengu.

Fun Commands

8ball: Basically what the 8Ball toy does.

cat: Grab a random cat picture with Pengu!

chucknorris: Tells a Chuck Norris Joke.

compliment: Compliments a person mentioned.

cookie: Give someone a cookie and make them feel special.

dadjoke: Tells a Stupid Dad Joke.

roll: Rolls a custom sided die to give a random outcome.

dog: Grab a random dog picture with Pengu!

fml: Grabs a random FML Joke for you.

hug: Hug a user

insult: Insults a person mentioned.

kiss: Kiss a user

mca: Send a Minecraft Achievement image to the channel

pengu: Send a cute picture of Pengu!

punch: Punch someone on the server.

randomcomic: Grab a random comic picture.

randomfact: Grabs a random amazing fact for you.

rps: Play rock-paper-scissors with the bot.

slots: Play Slots Game and Earn Snowflakes.

trump: Lets see, what Trump has to say about you!

ask: Ask a question and get Yes or No in reply to help you make up your decesion.

yomomma: Tells a random YoMomma joke.

noot: Pengu will join VC and Noot Noot for you!

Moderation Commands

ban: Permanently ban a member from your server.

clean: Clear the chat by deleting specified messages.

kick: Kick a user from your server.

makeadmin: Gives or Takes Away A User's Pengu Admin Permissions.

mute: Mute or Unmute a user from Text and Voice Channels.

removerole: Removes the specified user from a role.

setrole: Sets role for a user.

Music Commands

createdj: Creates a DJ Role so DJ's can stop, pause, resume, control volume & skip songs.

dmsong: Direct Message You The Current Queue of Music.

lyrics: Get lyrics for any song in the world with Pengu.

music: Know how to use Music commands with Pengu.

nowplaying: Show information about the current music which is playing.

pause: Pause the currently playing song.

play: Request PenguBot to Play a Song.

queue: Get detailed information about the queue.

resume: Resumes the currently playing song.

skip: Skip the song which is being currently played.

stop: Stops the music and clears the queue.

Utility Commands

addcmd: Create a new custom command on your server.

afk: Set yourself Away From Keyboard.

autorole: Give roles to the new people who join your guild.

avatar: Give you avatar of a user.

delcmd: Deletes an existing custom command from your server.

github: GitHub Repository Information

google: Make Pengu search on Google.

listcmds: Know which all custom commands the server has.

lmgtfy: Generate a short Let Me Google It For You Link.

minecraft: Get a Minecraft Server's status

say: Make Pengu say anything.

server: Get information about the guild.

setleavemsg: Set custom leave messages on your server.

setwelcomemsg: Set custom welcome messages on your server.

shorten: Shorten's a long url with

temperature: Calculate temperature between Ceclius & Fahrenheit.

toggleleavemsg: Toggle leave messages on your server.

togglewelcomemsg: Toggle welcome messages on your server.

twitchstats: Get Twitch Channel Statisitcs Directly From Twitch.

updatecmd: Update an existing custom command with a new message.

urban: Get meaning and usage of a word from Urban Dictionary.

userinfo: Gets information about a user.

weather: Get to know Weather Of A Place.

ytstats: Get YouTube Channel Statisitcs Directly From YouTube.

NSFW Commands

boobs: Gets a NSFW Boob image.

booty: Gets a NSFW Booty Picture.

pussy: Gets a NSFW Pussy Picture.